What if you could hand-deliver a personalized ads to people you knew who were interested in buying a car?

What if everything, from the headline to your ads in the Classifieds section, could be 100% personalized to them? only sending them SUV vehicle ads if they were interested in SUVs, or your entire selection of pre-owned trucks if they were interested in trucks?

And what if you could do this every day so that you delivered more Classified ads based on each persons’ actions taken the day before...

...such as if they showed more interest in black vs. blue trucks, or high-end trucks over 45K?

The good news is I have put together for you the Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), which implements a predictable method we use to consistently 10-30+ car buyers a month... The best part? This process is completely automated and Done-For-You.

The AIA ads is completely counterintuitive to what you might be used to...

Here's the "Old Way" of doing things:

❌ Step 1 - Business owner gets a lead (someone who is interested in their service)

❌ Step 2 - Business owner needs to know what the prospect wants, so they eventually manage to get into a meeting or phone call after some back-and-forth to figure out scheduling

❌ Step 3 - Business owner agrees to summarize what was discussed, and “get back to you with a proposal"

❌ Step 4 - Business Owner spends HOURS perfecting a proposal

❌ Step 5 - Business owner sends proposal

❌ Step 6 - Prospect receives proposal

❌ Step 7 - Business Owner wonders why they haven't heard back, it’s been a week since they sent the proposal

❌ Step 8 - Business Owner follows up via email

❌ Step 9 - Prospect deflects with something along the lines of “just need to discuss with my team"

❌ Step 10 - Repeat step 8 and 9 a few times

❌ Step 11 - The whole thing fizzles out, and tens of hours end up being completely wasted, leading nowhere

❌ Step 12 - Start over

We don't actually do any of that...

If we don't do any of that... What do we do then?

Instead Of Running Ads Or Prospecting For "Leads".

Run ads and prospect for appointments instead! And then you close those appointments into new clients.

That's right...

We don't run ads and prospects for "leads".

We run ads to get appointments booked and confirmed into the calendar 📅

...Because I'd rather get hundreds of appointments actually scheduled into the calendar and you get them closed into clients every single month.

Here’s what the "new way" looks like:

🔥 Run personalized ads for appointments

🔥 Appointment is booked into calendar

🔥 Appointment is attended

🔥 Dedicated sells person takes the call

🔥 New Client!

The best part?

It’s all done on autopilot ✈️

So here's the deal...

...I explain everything in our Demo call within 10 minutes, it's a fully automated system that does all the client acquisition for you.

It's a fully automated way to book appointments so you close 10-30+ new dealership clients every single month on auto-pilot…

This is what our Automotive Inventory Ads do, and why they work:

🔥 Deliver personalized, real-time messages to shoppers daily based on interests and actions, ultimately driving more shoppers to your VDPs guaranteed.

🔥 So as your inventory changes and as shoppers click-through and view different VINs...

🔥 ...your ads can change in order to have the RIGHT conversation with the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

(In other words, your dealership can have its very own personalized Facebook Ad campaigns every day.)

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